Everything you need in one book


Do you wish your man would show you more:

  • Respect
  • Understanding
  • Love
  • Kindness
  • Care & Attention
  • Affection
  • Treated as an Equal
  • Treated like a WOMAN

Are you tired of being

  • Neglected
  • Taken for Granted
  • Unloved

Do you yearn to be

  • Treated with respect
  • Loved
  • Wanted

YES – I want to be loved!

YES – I want a better relationship!

YES – I want to be treated as an equal!

YES – I want to be treated with respect!

YES – I want to enjoy better sex!

YES – I want more affection, care and attention!

Everything you need in one book

If you have answered YES to any of these questions’ and you want YOUR MAN to start treating YOU as a Woman, then this book is for you.

Written by women just like you, as an educational guide for the men in their lives. Women who are tired of being taken for granted, treated like a dog’s body, a slave even a sex slave.

If you want to put the SPARK! back into your relationship, life, love life and sex life:

A word from the author

Everything you need to
Put the life back into your love ….
in one easy to read book!

Have you ever wished your man understood you and your body better?

Would you like to tell him exactly how you feel and what makes you tick, what turns you on?

But perhaps you’re too embarrassed to tell him or simply can’t put your desires into words?

This helpful guide will do the job for you by showing your man in a tasteful way:

  • How to have a better relationship with you
  • How to respond to your likes and dislikes
  • How to give you better sex
  • How to find your hot spots
  • How to give you better orgasms
  • What you really need in a man

No need to feel tongue-tied or feel guilty about having to ask him to please you.

It’s time to be treated with the love, care and attention you have always dreamed about...Treated like a woman?

Purchase a copy TODAY and watch your relationship and sex life EXPLODE!

Yours in greatest pleasure

Rebecca Stone

Rebecca Stone is a Pen name


elizabeth-jenkinsThis book is a real and rare treasure for men and woman to reach a deeper level of love and physical intimacy.  It is daringly fresh, profoundly informative with lovely pictures and images.  It helps a couple walk through revealing the broad spectrum of intimate physical connection.  And it is guided in a fun and pleasurable way.  It is a must read for all couples! Elizabeth Franklin | Marriage Counsellor & Life Coach USA
mavis-jenkinReally love this book. Full of useful information on how to improve your relationship, love life and sex life in easy to understand, down to earth writing. Highly recommended for those undergoing difficulties in their own personal relationship or for those who simply want to enhance their love life and pleasure. Mavis Jenkins | Biology Teacher UK
lisa-harrisA really enjoyable read, full of practical information, straight talking, direct and to the point.
The chapters on anatomy and sexual development were clear, informative and concise. The importance of communication and its value on all levels was clearly stressed.
The more ‘spicy’ chapters were informative, lively, directive and above all, helpful to all those wanting to know and explore more intimately their partners.
I would recommend this book to all couples who want to heighten, on a deeper level, their relationships with their partners. Lisa B. Harris | Osteopath and Acupuncturist Tenerife
shelley-petersAbsolutely loved it. It really works. My boyfriend could not put it down or me after he read it. We especially liked the section on the G Spot. Mmmmm Shelly Peters | Art Student West Australia
gill-andersonI found, How to Treat a Woman ideal for anyone who want to enrich and enhance their emotional and sexual relationship with their partner. Covering a wide variety of subjects from female sexual anatomy, to body language, masturbation, fantasies, desires and loads more. A must read if you want more out of your relationship. Gill Anderson | Marketing Executive UK


Guys, do you wish that you could:

  • Have a better relationship with your
  • A better love life?
  • To know more about her?
  • To better understand her?
  • What makes her tick?
  • Her inner thoughts and feelings?
  • How to give her better sex?
  • Better orgasms?
  • Find her Hot Spot?
  • What turns her on?
  • Her fantasies?
  • Her likes and dislikes?
  • What she needs in a man?

With a better understanding, a better know how, this book will show you how to


This product contains adult language and situations,
and is not meant for those under 18 years old.

*Amazon #1 Best Seller in Seven Categories February 2017

**Prestigious Oxford Writers / Oxford Literary Consultants Award

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